about us


We are so excited you want to get to know us better! We have known each other for about six years and it seems like a lifetime (but in a good way!) It's crazy how time flies when you're having fun! 

Real life thangs; we love traveling/road trips, reading books and meeting authors, listening to true crime pod casts, PHOTOGRAPHY, napping, quaint coffee shops and book stores, hanging out with our friends, shopping and so much more. We must like each other at least a little because we even have matching tattoos!

We talked for quite a while about starting up our own business and then one day we decided to finally take the leap and we haven't looked back! 


Becoming girl bosses together is just the next step in our life long adventure together!


I’m Jenny and I’m a quirky mid-westerner from Youngstown, Ohio. I met my (now) husband four weeks before we decided to make a big move to Raleigh, North Carolina and have been living our love story ever since. I’m a wife, crazy dog mom of two and a photographer. When I’m not taking photos, editing or working my day job, I’m often found listening to True Crime podcasts, watching my favorite YouTubers and all 2,954 seasons of Forensic Files (cue nerd glasses emoji). To be honest, I’m not sure where my love of capturing your most treasured moments comes from but I know that nothing can quite match the happy feeling I get from being behind a camera. Thank you, in advance, for your trust in Jenny Nichole!

See you soon,


Hi Y’all!


My name is Mandi and I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Iowa. I grew up in your typical Midwest town, but was always dreaming of being elsewhere! In 2011 I moved to North Carolina (because in my mind how can you not fall in love with NC after reading Nicholas Sparks books) and it is where I currently reside. I will say, I absolutely love it here! I got married to my handsome husband Tyler in 2014 and we have 2 kids that are covered in fur and have 4 legs, 1 cat and 1 dog. You could say I have a soft spot for rescue animals, as they are both rescues. When I’m not doing this business thing with my bestie you can find me reading, binge watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time, exploring NC (love finding treasures at small local shops), running or spending time with friends. If you want to get to know me as well as my bestie a little bit more feel free to follow us on Instagram! @jennynichole